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Oneness e-Course

Angel Communication e-Course

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Learn Clearly Hear Your Intuition And Watch God Work Miracles In Your Life

How To Connect And Communicate With Your Angels

Clearly Hear Your Intuition e-Course

Find Your Purpose e-Course

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Live Your Life On Purpose By Understanding Why You're Here

Learn How To Perform Some Self Energy Healing Techniques

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Learn To Live From The Highest Vibration That Is 

It's Never To Late To Change Your Path And Follow Your Purpose

Self Energy Healing +
Chakras 101 e-Course

Rewrite Your Story e-Course

Rewire Your Brain e-Course

31 Days To Rewire The Thoughts Inside Your Head

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Healing Your Inner Child

Dig Deep To Learn More About How Your Ancestors Lives Affect You Today

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Be Your Own Angel Messenger

Do you want to get daily guidance from your Spirit Team, but you just don’t know how to tune in? Or maybe you’ve been trying (or praying) but you feel like you’re not hearing anything back? Or maybe you are hearing something back but you don’t know if it’s your Spirit Team or not?
If this is you, I have a brand new, 4-week course that’s going to help you hear your intuition, know when you’re being guided and follow your heart so that you’re living out your soul's path! Click below to register!  

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4-Week Online Course

Deepening Your Connection with Your Loved Ones e-Course

Learn To Connect And Deepen Your Connection with Your Loved Ones On The Other Side 

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Ready to Join the Angel Reiki School?


Whether you feel called to be a healer + develop your spiritual gifts, or you’re a highly-sensitive empath who needs to learn how to stop taking on other people's energy for the sake of your own sanity, my Angel Reiki School will teach you these life-changing skills!

Learn the fundamentals of how to communicate with the Other Side: Angels

Advanced fundamentals of communication with the Other Side and delivering messages

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Learn the basics of how to connect with Angels and your loved ones on the other side

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from clients

"Julie is a special gem among us. Listening to her stories have brought me hope, happiness, and so much peace. She has helped bring me to peace with my parents passing and provided permission for me to move on with my goals and desires. I am so grateful for this soulful, spiritual being." - Grace

“I had the pleasure of taking the first Angel Communication e-course in November. Julie's excitement not only about the topic but about each of our individual journeys was contagious. Her joy and energy is so refreshing. I have recommended this course to all of my friends!”  -Veronica Zamora 

"I had my first reading from Julie recently. It was truly life-changing. Talking to her felt like talking to a friend. She provided me with clarity that I hadn't received before. This was my first reading from Julie, but it won't be my last!" -Toni

“I have done a few Reiki Sessions with Julie and after each session I feel stress free and re-energized. An added plus is the insight that Julie gives you from her Spirit Guides and those that have passed to the other side. I have done Reiki Sessions with other practitioners and Julie is by far the best. -Tom

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Angels And Awakening





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Discover how to connect with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side. #10 Podcast in the iTunes Spirituality category.