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Angel Membership

Angel Membership is the next best thing to having a session with me each week! You're invited to join at any time throughout the year. For years, Spirit has been helping me develop a program that walks you through the steps of spiritual growth and I’m so excited for you to begin! There are so many topics to move though: holding a high vibration and the energy of oneness; trusting your intuition; working with you Spirit Team; better understanding your soul's purpose; learning to perform self energy healing and clear your chakras; rewiring and retraining your mind to co-create the life you want; working with the inner child; and the sacred art of communicating with your angels so they better direct you in your life.

Angel Membership allows your Angels and Spirit Team to walk you through each part step-by-step. Your Spirit Team says that you’ve read all the books, you've listened to all the podcasts, you’ve been seeking for so long — this is the year you put it all together and use the beautiful energetic gifts and resources God gave you to make your life more joyous and full of ease. This is the year your give yourself more grace, and you allow yourself to speak out loud what your soul truly wants to accomplish in this lifetime. This is the year you stop pushing, and you allow yourself to surrender to the flow of creation — the divine will of God. This is the year you learn the power of the divine within you.

Are past courses covered in membership? The Angel Reiki School is a separate course to help you develop your unique spiritual gifts and learn the art of energy healing; however, material from all other past courses are covered again within the first year of your membership. You'll walk through each incremental step to help you learn best.

When you enroll, it is best to start with the Oneness course and then jump to the current month because Oneness is the foundation to all spiritual work we will do together!

What is Angel Membership?

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You get access to about 6.5 hours of new content each month! This program, content and community chat is held in a platform called Thinkific. A new lesson/content is put up on the 1st each month. The day you sign up is the day you'll be charged each month. You have access to all the material you've worked on for as long as you're a member. Angel Reiki School and 1:1 Sessions are not included. All content is copyrighted to Chicago Energy Healing LLC and Julie Jancius.

All sales are final.

This program is for both those who are 1.) just awakening and 2.) those who are experienced but want to deepen their practice. Two group Zoom calls each month are live (other content is prerecorded).  The content for this membership continues to build on each other month over month. Everyone starts the membership with the same course and continues month after month adding to what they learned previously. You will get to experience the membership with people starting at the same time as you while having others who have already worked through the course you are in to provide wisdom and guidance along the way.  After your first months payment,  your payment date will be shifted to the first of each month and will continue as long as you remain a memeber!

This is an ongoing membership that will continue each year. Save about 10% if you pay annually. All payments, annual and monthly, are non-refundable.

Please note, Julie Jancius, is not a medical nor health professional. Any use of the word "healing" is simply referring to spiritual health and connection to God/Universe/Source. When making major life decisions, always consult a professional in the related field. Julie Jancius and Chicago Energy Healing LLC will not be held liable for any life decisions you make. 

$111/Month or $1,200/Year Enroll Any Time of Year

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Wondering what's

included each month?

Access to 4 video teachings each month (about 45 min. each). Use the downloadable workbook with journal prompts and learning exercises to go deeper into each new lesson.

2 LIVE Q&A Zoom Calls 
2 group zoom calls per month: The second and fourth Monday of each month from 4 - 5 pm ct. Submit questions in advance in the Thinkific community and access a post-recording within 48 hours of LIVE's.

Pre-recorded energy healing sessions to access any time. Get into a quiet space and relax as if you were on my massage table! 2 different reiki energy healing recordings each month help you release stress and anxiety and raise your vibration. If you were to pay for 2 energy healing sessions each month it would cost you $422!

Download the workbook at the start of each month and put it in a binder. By the end of your first year, you’ll have a record of your spiritual journey!

Angel Membership was created knowing that your life is busy. Do not worry if you skip a lesson, or don't want to use the workbook, you will succeed anyway! This membership subscription is perfect because it allows you to go deeper, and deeper, AND DEEPER each year!

Save with annual membership

0r $111 per month


Nice words

from clients

“Julie is a wonderful teacher. She has a warm, engaging manner. I had low expectations of my abilities and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Spirit does indeed want to work through me. I worked on fellow students and then volunteers from outside the class. I found the whole experience – learning from Julie and working on others, to be a very positive one. I recommend this learning experience to anyone who wants to become more familiar with (and certified in) Angel Reiki and messages from the Other Side.” ~ Maureen Glass

“Attending Julie’s Angel Reiki School has brought me such a profound sense of peace and feeling of empowerment. I learned techniques to connect and communicate with my ‘Spirit Team’ in order to help myself and others. Julie is so knowledgeable, patient, kind, and truly has the desire to help others. Her teachings are practical, very easy to grasp, and the hands-on experience I gained during class was amazing. I’m truly grateful for having participated in the Angel Reiki School!” ~Summer Kortkamp

“I am in graduate of Julie’s Angie Reiki School. The class was excellent! Julie’s teaching method is relaxed, informative and easy going, which really helps you get in touch with your healing energy and connecting with your Spirit Guides. Also, Julie brings in volunteers for the students to work on, instead of just working on fellow students. I highly recommend Julie’s class for those that are interested in doing Angel Reiki Healing and highly recommend a session with Julie!” ~Tom Gorski

"I used to be very insecure and felt alone in this world. Since I’ve taken Julie’s Angel Reiki School, my world has changed dramatically for the better. I have learned all about energy and how it can be used to connect with others (living and passed), how to heal myself and others - It's been absolutely amazing! I have found peace.  Julie's Angel Reiki School helped me see how we are all connected and we are all loved. I highly recommend Julie's classes to all who seek out higher connections and questions, who look for belonging and peace." ~Christine Kissamis