Angel Reiki School 

for called to be healers or highly sensitive empaths

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A soul either chooses to come to Earth to learn, or a soul is asked to come to Earth to help serve others. If you are reading this, your soul was likely asked to come help humanity heal.

You are highly sensitive and empathic.

You have a hard time discovering your gifts on your own.

You don’t know how to tune out other people’s energy to just live in your own yummy energy.

You feel called to help humanity and the planet heal.

But you’re ready to start listening to God who’s been calling you to take action, become a healer and fulfill your soul’s purpose in this lifetime!

You need:

To learn how to hold the highest vibration.

A roadmap to tune and clear people’s energy.

To discover your own unique spiritual gifts and how to use them.

A formula for starting your own 6-figure healing business helping others.

But you don’t know where to start . . .

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Imagine what life will be like when you know how to use your spiritual gifts of connecting with Angels, mediumship, intuition, seeing color and/or healing with your hands to help others change their lives. When you know how to clear energy and transmute low vibrations into love, joy, peace, and bliss. When you understand how to live in ease but attract more than ever before.

When you use your God-given spiritual gifts with the energy healing techniques I teach you — you will have the recipe for a 6-figure business that truly changes lives, helps bring peace to the world and allows you to work for yourself!

Wondering what's


Due to COVID, the Angel Reiki School will be online until further notice. 

Learn fundamental techniques to communicate with the Other Side.

Develop your unique God-given gifts.

Learn energy healing and clearing techniques.

Angel Reiki Master Teacher Certification (PDF upon passing).

Four, one-hour group calls on Saturday mornings. Feedback on your progress.

Access to online videos and resources (within private Facebook group starting 9/2020 on).

The complete formula I used to build a successful 6-figure healing business.

3 Attunements: Levels 1, 2 and 3.

*NOT INCLUDED: If and when we resume in-person training after COVID, transportation, hotel stay and food are not included.


A new class begins on the first of each month. We limit the class sizes to ensure you get personalized attention on group calls.


Please register online or call the office with a payment to save your spot (630) 677-4271.

*If we return to in-person training, please note: 

Hotel and food expenses are not covered by the tuition. A limited number of discounted hotel rooms are available at $109/night. To get the special rate, please call Joline Taggart at 630-245-7621 or

Required Reading
Materials will be provided to you. All students are encouraged to purchase and read an energy healing ethics book by the last class.

Level 1 must be completed before taking level 2. Level 2 must be completed before taking level 3.

Testing and Certification
A PDF Angel Reiki Master Teacher certificate will be emailed to you after submitting your completed workbook, including a written and practice test, and all legal forms in the workbook. To date, there is a 100% pass rate.

Food is not provided. There is a restaurant in the hotel where students can go for lunch. You are also welcome to bring a healthy vegetarian lunch and snacks to class.

Do You Need Complete Silence?
If you're the type of person who couldn't concentrate in school when a person was tapping their pencil, it may be helpful for you to bring wireless headphones and your phone to the in-person training. You can use your headphones and phone to connect to an app like Amazon Music and listen to white noise sounds.

The Angel Reiki School 

is for your next level you.

The Angel Reiki Method I founded, was channeled by Spirit. Unlike other programs, Angel Reiki focuses on developing your unique spiritual gifts while simultaneously using energy healing to shift energy within your clients from low to high vibe. Clearing away the dense energy your clients have been carrying, sometimes for decades, can be life-changing!

I was called to create Angel Reiki during a vision where Spirit showed me how the planet will come to a place of peace. Spirit says the 7.5+ billion people on Earth will not come to peace using the same healing path but instead by healers rising up and creating new paths of healing based on their unique spiritual gifts.

That’s what the Angel Reiki Method is, a new form of healing! A cross between different energy healing modalities and using your unique spiritual gifts to best serve clients. The Angel Reiki Method was channeled from Spirit and takes bits of knowledge I learned from studying with some of the world’s best mediums; my extensive in person training in Chios Energy Healing; and my online training in Reiki Energy Healing. When you register, you get the complete formula I used to build a successful 6-figure (one day million dollar) healing business.

You know you are meant for more. You have a powerful gift to share with the world!

Your dreams are waiting for you....

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Nice words

from clients

“Julie is a wonderful teacher. She has a warm, engaging manner. I had low expectations of my abilities and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Spirit does indeed want to work through me. I worked on fellow students and then volunteers from outside the class. I found the whole experience – learning from Julie and working on others, to be a very positive one. I recommend this learning experience to anyone who wants to become more familiar with (and certified in) Angel Reiki and messages from the Other Side.” ~ Maureen Glass

“Attending Julie’s Angel Reiki School has brought me such a profound sense of peace and feeling of empowerment. I learned techniques to connect and communicate with my ‘Spirit Team’ in order to help myself and others. Julie is so knowledgeable, patient, kind, and truly has the desire to help others. Her teachings are practical, very easy to grasp, and the hands-on experience I gained during class was amazing. I’m truly grateful for having participated in the Angel Reiki School!” ~Summer Kortkamp

“I am in graduate of Julie’s Angie Reiki School. The class was excellent! Julie’s teaching method is relaxed, informative and easy going, which really helps you get in touch with your healing energy and connecting with your Spirit Guides. Also, Julie brings in volunteers for the students to work on, instead of just working on fellow students. I highly recommend Julie’s class for those that are interested in doing Angel Reiki Healing and highly recommend a session with Julie!” ~Tom Gorski

"I used to be very insecure and felt alone in this world. Since I’ve taken Julie’s Angel Reiki School, my world has changed dramatically for the better. I have learned all about energy and how it can be used to connect with others (living and passed), how to heal myself and others - It's been absolutely amazing! I have found peace.  Julie's Angel Reiki School helped me see how we are all connected and we are all loved. I highly recommend Julie's classes to all who seek out higher connections and questions, who look for belonging and peace." ~Christine Kissamis

I would love to see Angel Reiki School healers serve 1 billion people collectively!

If I hadn’t listened to the voice inside calling me to become a healer, I’d still be miserable working in corporate America today. Let me teach you the steps I took to create a 6-figure (one day million dollar) healing business while helping people create meaningful, lasting change in their lives.

When we take action, God has the power to move mountains. But we must take action!

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Soul excited 

to meet you!

Friend, God helps those who help themselves. When I began investing in myself and my business, God used it to create exponential growth and a movement that’s helped change the lives of thousands. I want that for you! Let me teach you how to allow abundance in health, wealth and happiness to flow into every area of your life, and your clients lives as well. Let me teach you the step-by-step plan I used and let me coach you toward achieving your goals! Follow the calling of your heart, invest in yourself and register for the Angel Reiki School now. All purchases are final. All purchases are non refundable.