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Meet The Team

Owner, Chicago Energy Healing LLC

Julie Jancius

Julie’s love of serving others drives all we do! Julie channels messages from her Angels into her weekly blast email, podcast, e-courses, books and more all from her home snuggled up next to her two puppies. Julie’s heart beats for you — to teach you how to connect with Heaven and develop your spiritual gifts!


Chief Operations Officer Angel

Anastasia Frias

Anastasia manages the business and Julie’s entire online presence: Julie’s e-Courses, Instagram account, Facebook page and Facebook group called the Angels and Awakening Podcast Tribe. She’s our tech Angel and often saves the day!


Podcast Producer Angel

Sara Whittaker

Sara gets the guests you dream of hearing on the Angels and Awakening podcast. She makes sure each episode is flawless and delivered to you on time for your listening enjoyment. Email episode ideas to Sara at:


Website Angel

Rebekah Read

Rebekah is our savvy website tech. She updates the website and integrates everything into the brand so that the color, joy, love and happiness you get from the brand is the same as meeting Julie in person! Looking for help with your website? Contact Rebekah and tell her Julie Jancius sent you!


Photography Angel

Julie Riddle

Julie Riddle’s been Julie’s photographer since day one. Her photos capture and radiate the true essence of love and energy from the Other Side. If it’s not a selfie, Julie Riddle most likely took the photo! Reach out to her for your photos and tell her Julie Jancius sent you!


the podcast

Angels and Awakening





Top episodes

How I Heard My Dad From Heaven

Feel Joy Continuously - Live From Your Soul

Your Favorite Meditation

A Holistic View of Joy with Sensei Alex Kakuyo

Discover how to connect with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side. #10 Podcast in the iTunes Spirituality category. 

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