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Want to work with me to deepen your spiritual healing and connection with your angels? Angel Membership guides you on your journey of spiritual growth with access to a new eCourse, 2 group reiki healings, 2 live Q&A’s, a workbook and a community to connect with other students — EACH MONTH year-after-year! This program helps you trust your intuition, work with your angels, know your soul's purpose better, understand self energy healing and how to remove the barriers of negative thinking so that you are free to create the life God wants your soul to live — and so much more.

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$111/month or $1,200/year

What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself. Become an Angel Member and get started today!

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In a session (via phone, Facetime, Skype or in-person), I deliver messages from your loved ones and Angels about where you’re at in your life, where you're blocking yourself, and what you need to know to get back on track. I don't use cards. I connect directly to your Spirit Team on the Other Side to bring through messages and Reiki healing simultaneously. My hope is that you'll be amazed at how magical the experience was, and how much lighter and better you feel — as if weight has literally been lifted off your shoulders!

NOTE: I am still seeing clients via FaceTime, Zoom or call; however, due to COVID-19 I will not be seeing clients in person until 2021. Looking forward to working with you soon online!


55 Minute Session

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55 Minute Emergency Session

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Emergency 55 Minute Session

Need to get in this week? We save a few sessions every week for spiritual emergency sessions. If you have a physical or mental health emergency call 911.

NOTE: I am still seeing clients via FaceTime, Zoom or call; however, due to COVID-19 I will not be seeing clients in person until 2021. Looking forward to working with you soon online!

Online E-Courses

Go at your own pace

I host a new e-Course live on a private Facebook group each month — friends, this is really group coaching and it is DIVINE! You connect with a community and get direct feedback in real time! If you didn’t take a course live, no worries! You can still take any course I’ve offered and go through all the material at your own pace! Every course takes you deeper into your healing and spiritual journey!

Angel Communication

How to Hold High Vibration

Shift Your Energy, Learn to Live in the Highest Vibration that Is

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How to Connect and Communicate with Your Angels

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Angel Reiki School

Certification Program

Whether you feel called to be a healer and develop your spiritual gifts, or you’re a highly-sensitive empath who needs to learn how to stop taking on other people's energy for the sake of your own sanity, my Angel Reiki School will teach you these life-changing skills!

My friend, you were born with God-given spiritual gifts and the ability to heal yourself and others. This is your calling. This is your purpose. When you attend the Angel Reiki School, you identify your spiritual gifts and learn how to use them. You may be a medium, intuitive, or Angel messenger. You may heal with your hands or see color. Awaken your spiritual gifts and become the healer you were born to be at my Angel Reiki School. 

Nice words

from clients

"Julie is a special gem among us. Listening to her stories have brought me hope, happiness, and so much peace. She has helped bring me to peace with my parents passing and provided permission for me to move on with my goals and desires. I am so grateful for this soulful, spiritual being." - Grace

“I had the pleasure of taking the first Angel Communication e-course in November. Julie's excitement not only about the topic but about each of our individual journeys was contagious. Her joy and energy is so refreshing. I have recommended this course to all of my friends!”  -Veronica Zamora 

"I had my first reading from Julie recently. It was truly life-changing. Talking to her felt like talking to a friend. She provided me with clarity that I hadn't received before. This was my first reading from Julie, but it won't be my last!" -Toni

“I have done a few Reiki Sessions with Julie and after each session I feel stress free and re-energized. An added plus is the insight that Julie gives you from her Spirit Guides and those that have passed to the other side. I have done sessions with other practitioners and Julie is by far the best." -Tom

the podcast

Angels and Awakening





Top episodes

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Discover how to connect with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side. #10 Podcast in the iTunes Spirituality category. 

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