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It's the next best thing to having a session with me each week! Are you ready for weekly LIVE teaching with me and a full year of brand new courses in the membership? If you’re willing to give me just one hour a week, I’ll teach you how to hear your soul and let it guide you to unparalleled, lasting happiness. I worked with Spirit for years to channel this program. This is the program you've been looking for!!! 

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Hello Beautiful Soul!

My gifts came to me when I started hearing from my dad a month before I even knew he had passed away. Just like a psychic medium, I connect you with your loved ones & Angels by seeing / hearing the messages they have for you.

I don't use cards & I’m not really woo woo. In fact, I grew up going to Catholic School, wanting to be a nun! Today, I’m your typical mom-next-door who just so happens to have a special gift! I only connect with God energy and bring through positive, loving messages.

Loved ones come through in every session with information about where you're at in your life now, where you're blocking yourself, & what you need to know to get back on your path. Thank you for giving me the honor & privilege of connecting you with your Angels & loved ones! I love you!

Julie and Your Angels

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Discover how to connect with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones on the Other Side. #10 Podcast in the iTunes Spirituality category. 

Are you highly sensitive and empathic? You have a hard time discovering your gifts on your own? You don’t know how to tune out other people’s energy to just live in your own yummy energy? You feel called to help humanity and the planet heal?

But you’re ready to start listening to God who’s been calling you to take action, become a healer and fulfill your soul’s purpose in this lifetime!

Discover how the Angel Reiki School can assist you in unlocking and harnessing your innate gifts.

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