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Julie's readings and private mentorship program are open to all! To book a session, you must be on Julie's email list. Be on the lookout for an email invitation to book your reading. Julie's sessions sell out quickly. If you'd like a private reading, please book online as soon as you receive your email. Join the waitlist below to be notified of cancellations. You can also work with Julie every month as part of her private mentorship program! For details, email NOTE: Due to a vocal injury, the number of sessions Julie can do is limited. Your session fees fund Julie's two free podcasts and the World's Largest Prayer Network. Also, please be wary of scammers on social media. We will never DM or PM you on social. Contact Julie's office with any questions by text or call to 630-677-4271. To book a reading with a member of Julie's team, scroll below. 

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Energy Healer, Angel Intuitive Medium


Deb leads her clients on a spiritually healing, transformational journey through her unique blend of Intuitive Life Coaching, deep energetic healing, and bringing through angel messages. Angelic guidance comes through in all of her sessions, as does her love, warmth and humor. Deb's purpose is to show you how to recognize and implement your truth, so you can empower yourself, heal, and align with the future you envision. Your session comes from you, as Deb intuitively pulls forward what your highest self requires to align you with your purpose. Divine guidance unfolds according to exactly what you need, in just the way you need it. Deb's sessions book out, you can work with her to get a monthly standing appointment on her calendar. 

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Energy Healer, Angel Intuitive Medium


My journey began years ago receiving intuitive messages from angels and loved ones while conducting energy healings. My wish is that after our session, you will feel peace and positivity. I will work to ground your energy and use spiritual guidance to bring focus and clarity. Our session will be like two friends meeting, we may laugh and cry. I love sharing techniques that will inspire you to incorporate into your everyday life. After I experienced the loss of my mom and daughter in the same year I felt my connections rise to an even higher degree. I am certified as an Angel Reiki Master, Angel Messenger, and End of Life Doula. I will feel honored to work with you.

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Intuitive Psychic Medium


Michelle is an intuitive psychic medium, divine channeler and spiritual healer. From early childhood, she has sensed energies around other people and has been developing her psychic abilities ever since. As a nurse for 22 years, Michelle discovered that she often was aware of the intricate thoughts and feelings of others without being told. She applied her evidence-based practice in nursing and followed the art of intuition to guide her through countless encounters with people's disease, illness and healing journeys — helping others through some of life's most challenging situations. Michelle uses all of her spiritual gifts and the knowledge she’s gained studying with Julie for over two years, to care for your spiritual well being — and she feels honored to be a part of your journey.


Energy Healer + Medium


I was born and raised in New York where my gift of intuition was passed down to me by my Grandmother. She had the gift and taught me forms of holistic healing and mysticism. Enduring my own personal trauma and subsequent spiritual awakening, I realized I held the key to my own healing and ultimately helping others. I became a Certified Angel Reiki Master Teacher and have the gift of providing messages that help heal my client's emotional hurts and pains. I connect to your Spirit Team and relay messages of comfort, calm and inspiration while also balancing your energy through Angel Reiki. Thank you for reading! I'd be honored to be a part of your spiritual healing journey!

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