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Friends, I LOVE my readings with you! To book a reading you must be on my email list and an invitation will be sent once a month for you to book online. All readings are 40 min. on Zoom. Angel Members receive advanced access to book sessions. We do not keep a cancellation list and we do not reschedule sessions, please book immediately upon receiving the email. 

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We now have Certified Angel Reiki School students ready to provide you with a session asap! Everyone on our team has unique God-given gifts and abilities. All have been certified by me through my Angel Reiki School and selected by Spirit for this program. Please choose the spiritual healer that resonates most with you by reading their bios below.
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3. Act quickly so you don’t miss out! Readings book up as soon as new dates are released. 

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Energy Healer, Angel Intuitive Medium


I love being able to help clients connect with their higher selves, through energy healing and messages from their Angels and loved ones. I have been intuitive and able to connect with the spirit teams for a number of years. My sessions focus primarily on energy healing and messages from your Angels, and loved ones. The last 20 minutes of your session, I will share the messages that I received. I will also suggest some techniques and tools that you can incorporate in your everyday life. It was through the loss of my mom and daughter in the same year, that helped raise my connection to Oneness to a higher degree. I am certified as an Angel Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Messenger.

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Gentle, Inviting Intuitive Medium


I believe that on a soul level we are all alike. Full of joy, love and peace. Allow me to tune into your Spirit Team and bring forth messages of love, encouragement and realignment from your loved ones, angels and spirit guides. Gently coaxing you back to your higher self, your true essence. I would love to help you clear heavy energy, heal old wounds and reignite that love deep within. I can assist you in tuning into your center; to whom you are at your core, allowing you to make decisions from the safest place within yourself. If this resonates with you, I'm speaking directly to your soul and look forward to working with you!

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Astrology Focused, Angel Medium


I spent most of my adult life raising children and working. I have an amazing life for which I am eternally grateful, but balancing my career and being a mom was always a big internal struggle that never made sense until I started studying astrology. Through Astology and Angel Reiki I learned to find comfort in just being me, because that's what I was created to be!  In this life, on this journey, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and so are you! Understanding your astrology chart will help you navigate your life and find this same peace. Please provide your birth date, birth hour and birth place when you book your session, so I can review your chart in advance!

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Tranquil Angel Medium & Energy Healer


I am an Intuitive Healer that focuses on energy healing for spiritual, emotional and physical dis-ease. My purpose is to assist with the rise of the Divine Feminine and help women break free from the bondage they have been suffering from for thousands of years. This is something that I’ve had to work through myself in order to break down the walls I had unknowingly been boxed inside of. Intuitive messages, angel communication and messages from loved one are communicated through me to my clients to bring about release, healing and inner peace. I’d love to work with you so you can break free from your blockages, better understand and move through the energy you've been carrying in your body, chakras and auric field and ultimately to fulfill your soul’s highest purpose. 

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Energy Healer + Medium


I was born and raised in New York where my gift of intuition was passed down to me by my Grandmother. She had the gift and taught me forms of holistic healing and mysticism. Enduring my own personal trauma and subsequent spiritual awakening, I realized I held the key to my own healing and ultimately helping others. I became a Certified Angel Reiki Master Teacher and have the gift of providing messages that help heal my client's emotional hurts and pains. I connect to your Spirit Team and relay messages of comfort, calm and inspiration while also balancing your energy through Angel Reiki. Thank you for reading! I'd be honored to be a part of your spiritual healing journey!

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