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Julie's readings and private mentorship program are open to all! To book a session, you must be on Julie's email list. Be on the lookout for an email invitation to book your reading. Julie's sessions sell out quickly. If you'd like a private reading, please book online as soon as you receive your email. Join the waitlist below to be notified of cancellations. You can also work with Julie every month as part of her private mentorship program! For details, email NOTE: Due to a vocal injury, the number of sessions Julie can do is limited. Your session fees fund Julie's two free podcasts and the World's Largest Prayer Network. Also, please be wary of scammers on social media. We will never DM or PM you on social. Contact Julie's office with any questions by text or call to 630-677-4271. To book a reading with a member of Julie's team, scroll below. 

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Meet Julie's Team

Carefully selected just for you!

Carefully selected just for you!






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Angel Medium & Energy Healer


A session with Autumn is a magical, transformational healing journey led by your loved ones, angels and guides. The experience is gentle, loving, and profound –- like watching a dream unfold before your eyes.

As The Heart Restoration Goddess, Autumn specializes in working with those seeking to hear and follow their own intuition, but who also feel stuck, lost and sometimes overwhelmed by the noise of everyday life. She will help you connect deeply with your soul self, educate you on your inner goddess and give you practical tools to focus on your journey to return to your natural state of unconditional love (where you can live from your heart and reconnect freely with your joys!). She works especially closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Saraphina! If all your days are blending on repeat it is time to shake up your energy, Autumn is a vessel for your angels & loved ones to tell you exactly what they have been showing you! 

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Angel Medium & Energy Healer


Carly's readings offer deep energetic healing, soul-level validation, and a profound connection to the angelic realm, enveloping you in a warm embrace of unconditional love channeled from Spirit.

Guided by energy in the Chakras, Carly serves as a conduit for your team to deliver the exact guidance, validation and loving messages of encouragement you need, that moment, as you begin (or continue) your own spiritual awakening journey. Clients say after a reading they feel like they are clear on their next step - full, renewed, restored, reassured and centered. Your spirit team will come through with messages to guide you toward your highest path in every session*.

*Please note that Carly's process of connecting you to the divine is personalized and channeled in real time, which may add a few minutes to your session. Please be sure to set aside some extra time when you schedule.


Senior Angel Medium & Energy Healer

Senior Angel Intuitive Medium
and Energy Healer


Cheryl’s sessions are like a soul reading where she works with your angels, spirit team and loved ones to bring through the loving, positive and high vibrational messages you need to hear right when you need to hear them. Your time will be a mix of bringing through messages, energy healing and answering your questions (often she will share techniques that you can continue to weave into your daily life).

Cheryl’s experience of losing both her daughter and her mother within six months intensified her gifts and ultimately led her to delve deeply into the service of those who are grieving (she is also a certified End of Life Doula). Your session will likely feel like two friends meeting- you may laugh or cry together as you hear from exactly who you need to connect to in that moment. Cheryl is honored to share in each soul-filling experience Spirit brings through and is looking forward to your next session.

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Angel Medium & Energy Healer


Erika is a second generation psychic healer whose mission is to use her gifts help you return to your soul magic - that sweet space when you drop into your heart and view life with a profound sense of wonderment and joy!

As a certified Angel Reiki Practitioner and Angel Tarot Reader, Erika channels loving messages from your spirit team to help you identify the source of anything causing you to feel "stuck", whether it be life events, patterns, blockages and/or energy drains in your chakra system. Once this is identified, Erika works with your team to release what no longer serves you, helping you process emotion attached to the past or current trauma and transmute pain into wisdom and loving energy. Erika's process delivers beautiful hope and comfort from the spirit realm while restoring your energy and your emotions, leaving you feeling balanced, supported, guided, and excited to follow your soul's unmistakable path forward for the highest good!

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Angel Medium & Energy Healer


Julie S. is a certified Angel Communicator who specializes in bringing through intuitive messages from your Spirit Team about your purpose.

She frequently works with souls looking to make a personal change and also works with a wide range of spirit guides, angels and loved ones to help you better understand your life plan and why you’re here. You’ll also leave your session with a greater awareness of your connection to God and your angels. She‘ll make you feel at ease, loved, supported and guided. In your session, Julie S. will balance your mind, body, and spirit. Her intuitive gifts allow clients to learn more about their journey and get in tune with their needs. Her messages leave the client feeling confident, positive and peaceful. Julie S. may use crystals for healing and comfort. She would be honored to work with you.

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