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Angel Membership

Are you ready to embark on an incredible journey where you get to know yourself, your Spirit Team and your angels so much better? Yay! I’m so excited you’re here! I’ve laid out all the details for you below, but first I want to make sure this is a good fit for both of us so please read through all of the information below so you don’t have any surprises!

Becoming an Angel Member is a year long financial commitment that gets you access to my A Year With Your Angels program. To purchase this program costs over $3,500 (or $311 per course); however, by becoming an Angel Member you have access to this program (one course at a time, for as long as you remain a member) for only $100-$111/mo. 

Annual Membership gives you immediate 12-month access to all 12 courses in the program, all Angel Reiki Healings recordings, all past Q&A recordings, and many other special perks (including additional/exclusive small-group time with Julie) for $1,200/year. You can join at any time!

Monthly Membership is still a 12-month financial commitment which gives you access to one course per month (starting at the beginning of the A Year With Your Angels program) for the low price of $111. You’ll receive access to new material each month; however, you cannot stop-and-start. If you break your 12-month financial commitment you not only lose access to all your previous work, but you’ll also have to start again at the beginning if you want to re-enter the program (or you can take a course LIVE with us in the future for the full cost of $311). Regardless of the date you register, your next payment is always on the first of the month because that is the date the bulk of the material is provided to you (no exceptions). Think of the monthly option like a gym membership in which you no longer have access to the gym after you cancel. If you’d like to keep access to the content you’ve worked on, you’ll need to either remain an angel member; or pay $1,200 for annual membership in which you get immediate access to the entire program for 12 months; or pay $311 for an individual course. You are signing up through a third paryt that supports our business in providing this course to you. We cannot cancel your membership. Modifications to your subscription are your responsibility. If you fail to cancel with the third party, we do not retroactively refund payment.

Do I only stay in the program for one year? 
No! Beginning in 2022 Angel Members will have access to new content including monthly LIVE Angel Reiki Group Circles, LIVE intuitive events, LIVE Q&A’s, LIVE online seminars with me and so much more that I’m working on right now for you! Everything I do is aimed at making you feel special because my angel members are so incredibly special to me!

What are the monthly courses like?
When I went through my awakening I craved a place where all information would be available to me in one spot, but there was nothing like that out there. The angels channeled 12 courses through me they call, A Year With Your Angels, in which you can unfold into a deeper understanding of yourself and a greater connection with them over the course of one year. Angel Membership gets you access to this program, A Year With Your Angels, in which 12 month-long courses build upon one another in knowledge. In each of these courses you’ll have access to about 4 teaching videos, 2 Angel Reiki Healing audio recordings, and 2 LIVE Q&A group zoom calls each month where you can ask questions no matter when you begin the course. You also get access to a private community on our Thinkific platform just for Angel Members where you can post questions and get support from peers.

What will I gain from being an Angel Member?
The Angel Membership is a truly transformative experience where you will learn to trust your intuition and live your life on purpose. How would it feel to know like you know, like you know that your Angels are guiding you toward a purpose-filled, joy-filled, love-filled existence in this life?! Amazing, right? If you’re ready to live your life centered around your divine purpose and be in constant connection with the Other Side, the Angel Membership is perfect for you!

Is it better to pay annually?
Yes, annual membership gets you access all the material right away and access to special group events with me (starting 7/2021). When you purchase the monthly membership you only have access to one course at a time starting from the beginning. Because I know my annual members better from working with you for a full year, I tend to call on my annual members on Instagram LIVE to chat and answer any questions you may have. Annual access definitely gives you more access to me and I LOVE getting to share that time with you!

There is a lot of information, am I supposed to go through it all?
Friend, I poured my heart into giving you all the information that I was searching for early on in my spiritual awakening. Yes, there is a lot of information and some people like to go at a slower pace over 18 months -- that’s okay! Go at your own pace!! You’re still saving a ton of money rather than purchasing the course for $3,500 and you have LIVE group access to ask me questions every month on our zoom call! Again, this is a year long financial commitment to bettering yourself and gaining skills that you can use for the rest of your life. My A Year With Your Angels program is a mastermind level course valued at over $10,000 (which is why I don’t offer discounts, it is discounted as far as I can go!).

It’s time to take a leap of faith and do something for YOU! Imagine living a life where your intuition guides you and your purpose is a part of your day to day. Sounds like a dream, right? If you’re reading this email, it is closer than you can imagine!

Friend, your angels and I are so excited to get to work with you for a full year! Now the only thing you have to decide is are you going to become an annual or monthly member? 

Sending you peace, bliss and many blessings!

Julie and Your Angels

Hello Beautiful Souls!!!

All the Little


Angel Membership is the next best thing to having a session with me each week! You get access to about 5-7+ hours of new content each month your first year! You're invited to join at any time throughout the year but remember, unless you purchase the annual membership you will be starting at the beginning with the Oneness course! Annual membership is the only way to access all content at once.

Your Spirit Team says that you’ve read all the books, you've listened to all the podcasts, you’ve been seeking for so long — this is the year you put it all together and use the beautiful energetic gifts and resources God gave you to make your life more joyous and full of ease.

Angel Membership was created knowing that your life is busy. Do not worry if you skip a lesson, or don't want to use the workbook, you will succeed anyway! This membership subscription is perfect because it allows you to go deeper, and deeper, AND DEEPER each year!

Invest in yourself! This is the year you give yourself more grace, and you allow yourself to speak out loud what your soul truly wants to accomplish in this lifetime. This is the year you stop pushing, and you allow yourself to surrender to the flow of creation — the divine will of God. This is the year you learn the power of the divine within you.

Please note: The Angel Reiki School and 1:1 sessions are separate and are not included in the membership program. Also note, you only have access to content for as long as you remain a member. If you leave and come back, the past material you worked on will be gone and you’ll have to start again from the beginning. All content is copyrighted to Chicago Energy Healing LLC and Julie Jancius.

All sales are final.

Please note, Julie Jancius, is not a medical nor health professional. Any use of the word "healing" is simply referring to spiritual health and connection to God/Universe/Source. When making major life decisions, always consult a professional in the related field. Julie Jancius and Chicago Energy Healing LLC will not be held liable for any life decisions you make. 

$111/Month or $1,200/Year Enroll Any Time of Year

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Angel Member

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Month 1: Oneness e-Course 
. . . Learn to Raise Your Vibration.

Months 2-3: Angel Communication
. . . Two month course. Learn to hear your angels! 

Month 4: Trust Your Intuition
. . . Learn to trust your inner wisdom.

Month 5: Find Your Purpose
. . . Learn why your soul is really here.

Month 6: Self Energy Healing 
. . . Work with Archangel Raphael to understand your own energy, how to remove blockages and keep it clear!

Month 7: Rewrite Your Story
. . . Why are you stuck? Because your subconscious dictates 90% of your actions. Learn how to take back your own power!

Month 8: Rewire Your Mind
. . . Rewriting your story is only the first part. To make it stick, you must rewire your mind.

Month 9: Ancestral Trauma
. . . Work with your angels and loved ones in Heaven to break the cycle of ancestral baggage.

Month 10: Inner Child Work
. . . Work with Archangel Michael to release inner child wounds and learn to love yourself deeply.

Month 11: Empath's Guide to Life
. . . Learn how to be a high vibrational empath in the midst of a chaotic world!

Month 12: Deepen Your Connection with Your Loved Ones in Heaven
. . . Learn to build a deeper relationship with your loved ones on the Other Side. 

Save with annual membership

0r $111 per month


Nice words

from clients

“Julie is a wonderful teacher. She has a warm, engaging manner. I had low expectations of my abilities and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Spirit does indeed want to work through me. I worked on fellow students and then volunteers from outside the class. I found the whole experience – learning from Julie and working on others, to be a very positive one. I recommend this learning experience to anyone who wants to become more familiar with (and certified in) Angel Reiki and messages from the Other Side.” ~ Maureen Glass

“Attending Julie’s Angel Reiki School has brought me such a profound sense of peace and feeling of empowerment. I learned techniques to connect and communicate with my ‘Spirit Team’ in order to help myself and others. Julie is so knowledgeable, patient, kind, and truly has the desire to help others. Her teachings are practical, very easy to grasp, and the hands-on experience I gained during class was amazing. I’m truly grateful for having participated in the Angel Reiki School!” ~Summer Kortkamp

“I am in graduate of Julie’s Angie Reiki School. The class was excellent! Julie’s teaching method is relaxed, informative and easy going, which really helps you get in touch with your healing energy and connecting with your Spirit Guides. Also, Julie brings in volunteers for the students to work on, instead of just working on fellow students. I highly recommend Julie’s class for those that are interested in doing Angel Reiki Healing and highly recommend a session with Julie!” ~Tom Gorski

"I used to be very insecure and felt alone in this world. Since I’ve taken Julie’s Angel Reiki School, my world has changed dramatically for the better. I have learned all about energy and how it can be used to connect with others (living and passed), how to heal myself and others - It's been absolutely amazing! I have found peace.  Julie's Angel Reiki School helped me see how we are all connected and we are all loved. I highly recommend Julie's classes to all who seek out higher connections and questions, who look for belonging and peace." ~Christine Kissamis

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