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Mastering Manifestation e-Course

You have an on/off switch for attracting abundance in health, wealth, happiness and love! As your manifestation coach, I’ll show you how to turn your switch on and become a magnet for what you want to manifest in your life.

Unlock Your Inner Potential

“I started this course a day after losing my job. Immediately, from watching Julies' videos I knew how to shift my vibration and change my mental station. I started telling myself, ‘This is a blessing. God is always looking out for me. I’m going to start a new job in two weeks, the salary is going to be higher, and they’ll let me work from home half the time.’ I had an interview two days later and started my new position on my goal date! Thank you Julie!” Kelly M.

You didn’t come here to play small, your soul came here to play BIG! I created this course because too many of my clients feel stuck in careers they resent; relationships that aren’t on track; bodies that are tired or run down; and financial situations that don’t allow them to experience all they want to in life. They are waiting for someone to come in and rescue them, when their Spirit Team is screaming from the Other Side, “You have to save yourself.” You have to take action. You have to learn tools and skills to literally build the life you want out of thin air (vibration). It is possible, I teach it and see the results every day! This course gives you tools to find your purpose, overcome self-sabotage, heal yourself and your relationships, and co-create the life your soul came here to live.

This e-course is for both those who know where they want to go and those who have no clue! By the end, you’ll better know your purpose and intention, and you’ll have a strong, clear, detailed vision of your path.

Mastering Manifestation e-Course


This course includes 20 videos (over 5.5 hours total), a pre-recorded video reiki session (use anytime to clear your energy and get back into alignment), workbook materials, easy-to-use practice tools and more!

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Unleash your inner potential

What Is Your Purpose?

God called your Soul to be here on Earth now. Why?

The entire first week of this course is dedicated to helping you find and understand your purpose. So if you don’t know what your purpose is, that’s okay! That’s what the course is here to help you figure out! If you do know your purpose, we’re going to take you to the next level and refine that purpose. Go deeper! Because when you truly get why God sent you here (and that no one else but you, can do the work that your soul came here to do), you become unstoppable. You are living your purpose and God will move mountains to ensure you succeed!

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