Angel Communication 

A Course to Hear, See, Feel and
Know Your Angels Presence

Included in the Angel Membership or purchase separately. Angels whisper in your ear every day. If you’re not communicating with them, you’re missing out! Learn powerful spiritual techniques to hear, feel and talk to your divine support system from world-renowned Angel Expert, Julie Jancius.

“I had the pleasure of taking Julie’s Angel Communication e-course. The information that she shared was invaluable! The way the content was delivered was engaging and informative. Julie's excitement not only about the topic but about each of our individual journeys was contagious. Her joy and energy is so refreshing. I have recommended this course to all of my friends!” Veronica Z.

What's included? 8 pre-recorded videos (6.5 hours) including: 4 teaching videos; 2 videos connecting you with your Angels and 2 Q&A. When you don’t know how to communicate with your Angles, it’s as if there is a glass door between you and them. They’re trying to talk to you, but you might not even realize it! This course provides you with the tools you need to more clearly communicate with your Angel team. Learn which Archangels are working with you. Learn the names of your Guardian Angels. Learn to interpret Angel signs, numbers like 111 or 444, and their meanings! And discover your own personal spiritual communication style so that you trust the messages you are receiving are in fact from your divine support system! Never underestimate what the Angels can do. The Angels are God’s love in action. Rays of energy extending out to you in this lifetime to help you remember who you truly are, why your soul is here, and that you have the power to heal yourself!

This 6.5 hour course is for those who want life-changing personal relationships with their Angels. This course is a step-by-step guide to clearly and easily receiving messages from your angels every day. It’s also a great precursor to the Angel Reiki School!

Angel Communication Course: Cost $250

This course is included with the Angel Membership $111/month or $1,200 a year, or you can purchase separately here. All content is now on Thinkific and there is no access to Facebook. All sales final.

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Unlock Your Connection with Your Angels

To Find Greater Peace and Ease In Your Life

When you don’t know how to communicate with your Angels, it’s like you’re living life with one hand tied behind your back. Reclaim your power to heal yourself and heal your life by taking this course and strengthening your relationship with your Angels. Discover how they guard you, guide you and support you in living a life filled with purpose, abundance and miracles. Remember, you have free will. Your Angels can only do so much unless you are asking them for their help and guidance. With their support, you can transform all areas of your life. This course will teach you how!

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